Ukrainian defenders destroyed a rare Russian combat vehicle  

Ukrainian defenders destroyed a rare Russian vehicle – a heavy armored vehicle of flamethrowers BMO-T.

This was reported in the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine.

BMO-t, or object 564, was put into service in 2001. As conceived by the developers, it was supposed to protect the personnel of the flamethrower squad on the battlefield in direct contact with the enemy.

The machine was created on the basis of the chassis of the T-72 tank (44 tons, V-84-1 diesel engine with a capacity of almost 800 horsepower, maximum speed on the highway – up to 60 km / h, cross-country – 30-40 km / h, cruising range – over 700 km).

The crew of the BMO-T is two people, another seven people are landing. As the main armament, a remote-controlled anti-aircraft 12.7-mm machine gun “Kord” or NSV is used. The flamethrower squad is armed with Shmel infantry flamethrowers.

The vehicle is equipped with the Kontakt-5 active protection system, which, in theory, is capable of neutralizing not only cumulative ammunition, but also armor-piercing sub-caliber projectiles. To set up smoke screens, twelve 81-mm 902A Tucha grenade launchers were installed on the BMO-T.

There is also an automatic three-time action fire extinguishing system and a special protective system that protects the crew and troops from the damaging factors of a nuclear explosion, chemical and bacteriological weapons.

According to information from open sources, the total number of BMO-Ts in the Russian Army is calculated in units. They are in service with only two units: the 1st mobile brigade of radiation, chemical and biological protection and the 6th separate tank brigade, which at the beginning of this year was reorganized into the 47th Guards Tank Division.


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