The Defeat of “Moscow” and the Humiliation of Moscow (Editor-in-Chief’s Column)

Friends! Your editorial staff is overwhelmed with emotions. You already know why. The destruction or even just severe damage to the flagship of the Russian Black Sea Fleet is not just another victory for the Ukrainian Navy, which more than paid for the Crimean events of 2014. This is a powerful blow to the Russian Navy, and most importantly, to the image of a sub-superpower. For her national pride. We can say that the defeat of “Moscow” is the humiliation of Moscow (without quotes). It is reported here that Shoigu had a massive heart attack. Well, I understand him, although I do not sympathize.

The last time the Russians lost a flagship in battle back in 1905, in the Battle of Tsushima. The consequence of this was the defeat of the then empire in the Russo-Japanese War.

A year earlier, on April 13, 1904, another flagship, the squadron battleship Petropavlovsk, hit a mine in Port Arthur and sank. Then an outstanding Russian naval commander died – Vice Admiral Stepan Makarov, on whom great hopes were pinned. It is possible that this death predetermined the sad outcome of the war for the Russian Empire.  

If we take naval history in general, not only Russian, then the last time the cruiser was sunk was in 1982, during the Falklands War. It was the Argentine “General Belgrano”. A month later, Argentina capitulated to Britain.

Is history repeating itself? Will hope.

April 13, 2022 will go down in all history textbooks as a black day for the Navy of the Russian Federation, which lost one of its largest ships (three missile cruisers for four fleets remained in service: Varyag, Marshal Ustinov and Peter the Great).  

How did the Ukrainian military manage to achieve this victory? According to unverified data, the operation had been planned for a long time, and the evening of April 13 was chosen for it not by chance: a storm was raging at sea, which made it difficult for the Russian ship to move, making it a convenient target. The first stage (we repeat, according to unverified data so far) was an unmanned aerial vehicle strike on the anti-aircraft on-load tap-changer (illumination and guidance radar) of the cruiser, which literally “blinded” it. Then at least two anti-ship missiles flew in from somewhere offshore, possibly from different heading angles. You know the rest.

So far, there is no information about the loss of personnel – and the full-time crew of the “Moskva” is more than 500 sailors. However, they must be, and very significant. This is a huge ship, inside of which there is a real labyrinth of compartments, corridors, ladders, etc. It is reported that it sank within a few hours, having previously been left without power supply and (as the Turks say) fell on board. Very many military personnel of the aggressor country probably simply could not get up. In general, in the coming weeks in the Russian Federation there will be a howl.

Let’s see what “Moscow” is. This is a Guards missile cruiser, the lead ship of Project 1164 Atlant. Soviet name “Glory”. Built in 1976-1979 in Nikolaev. Displacement 11.5 thousand tons, length 185.5 m, width – 20.8 m, height 42.5 meters (it’s like a sixteen-story building, for a second), draft – 8.4 m. Able to reach speeds of up to 32 knots. Cruising range – up to 6000 nautical miles. Autonomy – 30 days.

Armed with AK-130 artillery mount, AK-630 anti-aircraft gun mounts, P-1000 Vulkan anti-ship missiles, S-300 Fort anti-aircraft missile system, Osa-MA anti-aircraft missile system, etc. This ship is also called the “carrier killer”: it is the US aircraft carrier strike groups that are its main target. At the same time, the presence on board the Fort air defense system makes it also the main unit of naval air defense. It is capable of covering a circle with a radius of up to 150 km. 

And it’s worth billions of dollars. By the way, Russia has not built ships of the first rank since the collapse of the USSR and, it seems, will not be able to build in the future either.  

For us, it also matters what hit this monster. If this is really “Neptune”, then it means Ukraine … Ukraine can! Ukraine is a great power. Which has already won.

Glory to Ukraine! Glory to the Naval Forces of Ukraine! Guys, today is your day.

Author – Oleg Konstantinov, editor-in-chief of Dumskaya



  1. “This ship is also called the “carrier killer”: it is the US aircraft carrier strike groups that are its main target.”

    A carrier killer blown to fuck by a failed state, how humiliating.

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    • From Reddit:

      “Ruzzian media: “In a special underwater operation, the Russian warship Moskva destroyed two fascist anti-ship rockets. Our dear leader has been informed about the heroism of the commanding admiral on board the ship and therefore has appointed him as commander of the new Russian submarine Moskova, which has been launched into the sea as of today.”

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  2. Indeed, this is a great accomplishment for Ukraine. I’ve been wondering if they can sink any mafia ships at all, even if supplied by British anti-ship missiles. Well, they not only did it, but did it with their own weapon! This ship is irreplaceable for mafia land. Even if there are no other ships sunk, one thing is for sure; mafia land’s navy has been robbed of immunity of operation freedom and that is the greatest feat of all.

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