Russia has classified information on oil production and exports 


The Central Dispatch Department of the Fuel and Energy Complex (CSU FEC) controlled by the Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation has stopped publishing statistics on oil production and exports since April 8 for an indefinite period.

The information was confirmed by the Russian Energy Agency (REA) of the Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation, which is funded by the CDU FEC, Interfax reports .

“Taking into account government measures to increase the resilience of the Russian economy, CDU FEC – a branch of the REA of the Ministry of Energy of Russia – limits the dissemination of information that can be used as additional pressure on the Russian market and its participants,” said the Ministry of Energy.

“Sectoral statistics in the context of restrictions are quite sensitive to manipulation, which jeopardizes the activities of contractors CDU FEC,” – added his representative.

Note that the decision to keep the data secret was made after the first reports of falling oil production in Russia .

CDU FEC usually publishes information on the operation of the Russian fuel and energy complex on the second day of the month following the reporting month. However, on April 2, the CDU did not disclose monthly statistics, initially explaining this for technical reasons.

According to a later CDU report, the following information products have been discontinued since April 8: the dynamics of oil production per month with a cumulative total in terms of production companies, information on oil production by producers, on the supply of crude oil to domestic and foreign exports to far and near abroad (bypassing the Transneft system), shipment of gasoline from Russian refineries and refineries to the domestic market and exports per month.

As previously reported, the Bank of Russia suspended the publication of monthly information on Russia’s foreign trade in goods (according to the balance of payments methodology). Джерело:


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