Putin acknowledged the impact of sanctions on Russian oil exports 


Russian President Vladimir Putin considers the logistics of oil export logistics to be the most acute problem due to the sanctions imposed on Russia.

He stated this at a meeting on the problems of the Russian oil and gas sector, which arose as a result of sanctions, according to the Kremlin’s press service.

“The most acute of them – and we have repeatedly said this – is related to the disruption of logistics of export supplies. Putin said.

In this context, he called for a reorientation of Russia’s energy exports, acknowledging that it lacks the necessary infrastructure.

“We will assume that in the near future the supply of energy resources in the western direction will still be reduced. Therefore, it is important to consolidate the trend of recent years – step by step to refocus our exports to emerging markets in the South and East. infrastructure facilities and start building them, “Putin said.

He also acknowledged that the sanctions “require special attention to the issue of import substitution of equipment for oil and gas production.”

As previously reported, the Central Control Department of the Fuel and Energy Complex (CDU PEK), previously controlled by the Russian Ministry of Energy, has stopped publishing statistics on oil production and exports indefinitely.

This happened after the first reports of a drop in oil production in Russia  due to sanctions. Джерело: https://biz.censor.net/n3334017



  1. “…step by step to refocus our exports to emerging markets in the South and East.”
    Great. Make yourself completely dependent on bat virus land. That will one day be as great a mistake as germanystan having made itself dependent on mafia fossil fuels. And, the infrastructure for this move won’t happen in a short time. Mafia land will have lost the war a long time before that happens.

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