Forty-ninth day of heroic resistance: the cruiser Moskva was damaged.

The forty-ninth day of the heroic defense of the Ukrainian people against the Russian invaders is coming to an end.

The occupiers have concentrated their forces on holding the previously captured Kherson and the region, they are trying to strike and encircle Ukrainian troops in the Donbass and continue the siege of Mariupol. Ukrainian troops steadfastly hold the line, counterattack and inflict blows that are completely unexpected for the enemy.

The sensation was the damage to the flagship of the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Federation, the “aircraft carrier killer” – the missile cruiser “Moskva”. One of the most powerful Russian warships imprudently came close to the Ukrainian coast, and not far from the occupied Zmeiny Island, two anti-ship missiles suddenly flew into its side.

Experts believe that two missiles are unlikely to sink such a colossus. But “not everything is so clear.” According to information leaking from the Russian side, the situation at Moscow is very, very difficult. Stormy winds and waves up to two meters high make rescue work difficult. Five ships came to the rescue, from the air the wrecked cruiser was guarded by warplanes.

According to the latest data, due to a curb, ammunition detonated on board the cruiser, the crew was evacuated – that is, the struggle for the survivability of the ship was stopped. Apparently, the cruiser has every chance to go straight to where it was sent by the defenders of the Snake on the very first day of the war.

Two missiles that flew aboard the cruiser intelligibly explained to the invaders that the situation in the Black Sea had changed. Until recently, the invaders felt at ease here: they were threatened only by the Uragan MLRS of the Ukrainian coastal artillery. The Ukrainian Navy has already used them, and quite successfully , but they are ineffective for shelling ships at a considerable distance from the coast – specialized guided anti-ship missiles are needed.

An alarming bell for the Russians sounded on April 3, when “troubles” flew aboard the frigate Admiral Essen. It seems that the enemies did not understand the hint, and now a ship of a completely different, much higher rank was under missile attack.

It should be noted that on board the Moskva there were very powerful standard air defense systems: a naval version of the S-300 anti-aircraft missile system, eight launchers of which can hit targets at distances up to 150 km; two anti-aircraft complexes “Osa” with a range of up to 15 km; six AK-630 30-mm anti-aircraft guns, each of which is capable of firing 80 rounds per second and automatically destroying air targets at a distance of up to four kilometers.

We cannot now say what kind of missiles flew to Moscow. But today’s events unequivocally explained to the Russians: Ukraine has at its disposal means of detection, guidance and destruction capable of overcoming the most powerful layered air defense of the flagship cruiser and hitting it on the high seas. And this means that, theoretically, Ukraine is capable of sinking any Russian ship as soon as it approaches our coast closer than a certain distance – which, however, is also not yet known for sure.



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