People are found with their hands tied and signs of torture: Russian Nazis killed more than a hundred civilians in the Sumy region – the search for the missing continues

More than a hundred people were killed by Russian Nazis in the Sumy region.

This was announced during a briefing by the head of the regional military administration Dmitry Zhivitsky.

People are found with their hands tied, with signs of torture, shot in the head.

According to him, many people are still missing, their search continues. Some people are in captivity and a negotiating group is working on them.

Zhyvitsky also added that the losses of the region’s economy would amount to tens of billions of hryvnias.

“There are a lot of citizens whose fate we don’t know anything at all – shot cars were found on the roads and highways, in the forests, and what happened to the people from these cars is unknown,” the head of the OVA said. – There are many wounded in hospitals, many of our wounded in hospitals of neighboring regions. A very serious psychological trauma for people who survived the occupation, through whose settlements columns of thousands of units of enemy equipment passed.

People who survived the occupation say that the Russian Nazis shelled everything around – they fired from tanks, machine guns, grenade launchers at civilians, at old people with children.

I had to hide in swamps, in silos and in agricultural enterprises.

After the liberation of the Sumy region, first of all, they began to restore transport links, roads, critical infrastructure facilities – gas, electricity, water supply. At the moment, about 500 households remain without electricity.

The process of demining the territory of the region continues. People are forbidden to enter forests and forest belts, to drive along field roads.



  1. My biggest concern are kidnapped women and children, the Kadyrovites took them to rape-camps. 🤒

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