Macron calls Russians and Ukrainians ‘brothers’

In his interview with the public television channel France 2, French President Emmanuel Macron refused to use the term “genocide” to describe the actions of the Russian troops in Ukraine.

“I would be careful with such terms, because these two peoples (Russians and Ukrainians) are brothers. I want to continue to try, as far as possible, to stop this war and restore peace. I am not sure that the escalation of rhetoric serves this cause,” Macron said.

At the same time, he added that Russia unilaterally launched an extremely brutal war, committing the war crimes and they will be investigated.

“We are experiencing unprecedented war crimes on our soil — our European soil,” Macron said.

US President Joe Biden for the first time called Russian aggression in the territory of Ukraine genocide.


  1. This poor excuse of a human needs to be investigated. I have no doubt he’s being controlled by the Kremlin. It’s disgusting after the evidence of rape, torture and genocide of Ukrainians by Russians to call them brothers.

    • Something very smelly about this creep for sure.
      As I mentioned before, Ukraine’s friends and of course France is certainly not one, ought to be more urgently preparing to help with deterring putler’s planned massacre of the Donbas. This from the Spectator lunchtime briefing:

      “A convoy of around 200 Russian tanks and other armoured vehicles is moving towards the Ukrainian border ahead of a predicted assault on the Donbas. A Ukrainian military source told the Times that Putin wants to outnumber Ukrainian troops by five to one.”

      I don’t understand how this can be allowed to happen? Ukraine will need huge manpower to defend this land. I don’t know why they have not built up huge numbers by now?

  2. Never mind him and what he blathers. Macron is just your typical fungus pretending to be a real person.

  3. A true brother does not invade the territory of a brother. Putin tried that nonsense years ago and no one bought it then. Why does Macron think anyone will buy it from him? He can help now, or face a very serious war later.

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