Zelensky on NATO: ‘no longer interested in their diplomacy’

by Monique Beals

Ukrainian President Volodymr Zelensky, who has urged NATO to take stronger actions throughout Russia’s invasion, said in an interview that aired Sunday he is “no longer interested in their diplomacy.”

“When you’re working in diplomacy, there are no results. All of this is very bureaucratic,” Zelensky said in an interview with CBS’s “60 Minutes.”

“That’s why the way I am talking to them is absolutely justified. I don’t have any more lives to give. I don’t have any more emotions. I’m no longer interested in their diplomacy that leads to the destruction of my country,” the president added.

Since the unprovoked military invasion of Ukraine began on Feb. 24, Zelensky has referred to NATO as “weak” and “under confident,” while also previously pushing for Ukraine’s membership in the body.  

“Knowing that new strikes and casualties are inevitable, NATO deliberately decided not to close the sky over Ukraine,” Zelensky said in an earlier video, urging the security alliance to think about “all those people who will die because of you.”

“Because of your weakness, because of your disunity, all the alliance has managed to do so far is to carry fifty tons of diesel fuel for Ukraine,” he said in March. “Is this the alliance you were building?”

NATO has said it “condemns in the strongest possible terms Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine” and last week called for Russian President Vladimir Putin to “withdraw all his forces from Ukraine without conditions and engage in genuine diplomacy.”

NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg has also said that the invasion “has already had long-term consequences” that will require the alliance to “adapt to that reality.”

“NATO is the most successful alliance in history for two reasons. One is that we have been able to unite Europe and North America. The other is that we have been able to change when the world is changing. Now the world is changing and NATO is changing,” the secretary-general added.

Later in Sunday’s interview with CBS, Zelensky added that he was “not disappointed” with President Joe Biden’s response to the crisis.

“I don’t know how another president in his place would help us. I don’t know. It’s difficult,” he said.

“We have a good relationship,” he added, speaking of Biden. “Ukraine depends on the support of the United States and I, as the leader of a country of war, I can only be grateful.”

Biden has also rejected Ukrainian demands for a no-fly zone, and nixed a Polish plan to transfer fighter jets into the country.

However, the U.S. has sent hundreds of millions of dollars worth of weapons to Ukraine, including missile systems and lethal drones.


  1. “Because of your weakness, because of your disunity, all the alliance has managed to do so far is to carry fifty tons of diesel fuel for Ukraine,” he said in March. “Is this the alliance you were building?”

    Shameful! An organisation with a military budget 20 times the size of the nazi state, showing they are nothing but spineless cowards in a talking shop.

  2. Nato is not fit for purpose; being dominated by putler grovellers and run by a Marxist.
    Britain and Poland must now take the lead in defending Ukraine; with air power and boots on the ground.

  3. God I love Zelensky. He says it like it is. I get he needs to be careful of what he says but unless you’re a complete idiot, you understand what he saying. The UN and NATO are useless and just taking up space.

  4. The 60 minutes interview last night was nothing short of genius.
    Zelensky knew that he was speaking to the American people and conducted himself masterfully. He laid it all on the table and pulled no punches , calling out the U.N. ,NATO while being obviously careful not to criticize Biden directly yet voicing his disappointment with his response. He came across as an intelligent, compassionate leader of a country which not only needs the full military support of the United States but deserves it.

    • Absolutely. Biden has been piss poor. He repeatedly promised “unwavering support” and consistently delivered the opposite.
      The prick also repeatedly took ground troops off the table; which only emboldened the nazi rodent’s genocidal plans.
      His bullshit about the NFZ was particularly offensive: he kept saying “I won’t do that because it would be WW3.” That is just an offensive lie. It’s only WW3 when the US invades Russia and that ain’t going to happen.
      How can putting ground troops on the land of a sovereign nation at its request be WW3? There is just no logic to it. Similarly, what business of RuSSia is a NFZ enforced inside the territory of that sovereign nation?
      So far only Liz Cheney has called out Kramatorsk for what it is : genocide. All politicians in the free world should clearly state that and clearly state that putler runs a defacto nazi state; with the full cooperation of his citizens.

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