10 Downing Street


  1. Superb, resonant words Boris.
    I for one believe them.
    Now it’s up to you and Duda to see it through.
    Who knows, perhaps someone in the moribund Biden administration can inject some urgency into him as well?

    NFZ now.

    From the FB page : Pray for Ukraine:

    Jack Swindle:

    “🇺🇦Day 45 of the inhumane war in Ukraine. East and south of country under intense fighting. Lord, we pray now for Ukraine! You Lord, give them strength, wisdom, health, protect the innocent and everyone with just and moral hearts. Destroy the evil and those that lust in its intrigue. Bring an end to the ambitions of evil and a quick victory for Ukraine. They are standing up for freedom and democracy , for goodness and peace! Please open hearts of everyone who can help them and let help come quickly! You are their strength, their hope and their salvation.”

  2. Boris is the LEADER OF THE FREE WORLD. He is demonstrating every positive characteristic of a leader. Bravo Boris.

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