In the Chernihiv region, the villagers filled the tanker of the occupiers with rusty water and mud (video)

A local farmer’s TV, equipment and frozen pumpkin were stolen.

A resident of Chernihiv region told how invaders entered their village / ScreenshotA resident of Chernihiv region told how invaders entered their village / Screenshot

In the Chernihiv region, in the village of Losinovka, the  villagers  barricaded an agricultural enterprise and filled the occupiers’ fuel truck with rusty water.

This was told by a local businessman and his father. The video was published on his Facebook page by Nizhyn journalist Igor Volosyankin, who now serves in the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

According to him, in the village of Losinovka, Chernihiv region, the troops of the Russian invaders carried out a “brilliant operation” – they drove in a column of tanks and armored personnel carriers to the entrepreneur’s yard. Fortunately, the family reacted in time and hid. In addition, the fence of their enterprise was barricaded in advance and the armored personnel carrier did not ram it.

“As a result of a ‘brilliant military operation’, the rashist orcs managed to capture the summer kitchen. They were boldly opposed by an old grandfather with a stick. The Muscovites squeezed out the ‘Bender’ TV, a bunch of rags and tools. They also captured the symbol of the emancipation of Ukrainian women – a frozen pumpkin,” wrote journalist.

Instead of diesel fuel, the locals prepared rusty water with mud in the fuel tank. The Russian military filled their fuel truck with this mixture.

“I think we did everything right,” summed up the local businessman.

Earlier it was reported that in the Kharkiv region , the  invaders stole vegetables that were intended for animals from the ecopark.

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  2. God I love this!!! These people could have killed and they risked their lives to screw Russia. God live them and keep them safe.

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