Russia has accused Security Service of Ukraine of plotting a provocation at a non-existent chemical plant

A representative of the Russian Ministry of Defence, Major General Igor Konashenkov, has said at a briefing that he allegedly had confirmed information that the Security Service of Ukraine was preparing a provocation at a plant dealing with toxic substances. It turned out that the company he mentioned had long since been liquidated.

Source: The Insider

Details: He referred to the state enterprise “Khimprom” in Pervomaisk, Kharkiv region. The liquidation of this enterprise was reported in 2012.

The plant is closed and its workshop buildings have been demolished. The railway tracks leading there have been dismantled. A video of the SOE workshopshop explosion was published on YouTube in 2013.

Igor Konashenkov failed to explain where exactly the chlorine warehouse could have been located among the old ruins of the plant.

Igor Konashenkov, verbatim: “According to confirmed information, Ukrainian special services are preparing a major provocation with the use of toxic substances in Pervomaisk town, Kharkiv region. A warehouse with 120 tons of chlorine was mined by the Security Service of Ukraine on the territory of the ‘Khimprom’ production association. The plan is to blow up this warehouse to accuse Russian Armed Forces of creating a chemical catastrophe that will kill local residents.”

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  1. I guess Russia will be using chemical weapons in Kharkiv to justify their protection of Russian speakers. This is the only war crime they haven’t committed yet.

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