Please Donate and Help the Displaced Ukrainians

9 April, 2022 – Administration Team, Ukraine Today .org.

Many Ukrainian women, children and elderly can’t or won’t leave their country but also can’t stay home.

I’ve been suffering from a constant, reoccurring refrain of helplessness in my head and my heart over the last 7 weeks and I have this constant gnawing feeling that I could do more to help those in Ukraine suffering from the worst genocide perhaps in world history. 

But it would be selfish to think of myself.  I have learned over the years that when I feel badly about something it helps to consider those who must feel even worse.  Like the millions of displaced in Ukraine.

Therefore I would like to pledge every dollar going into the Ukraine Today .org Tip Jar to the Salvation Army’s efforts in Ukraine.  Until further notice.  You can find our Tip Jar block on the right panel.

I would like to forward 100% of the donations through our website Tip Jar on a weekly basis and I will proudly post the results and post this article as a feature at the top so it will be easy to watch the results. 

Perhaps we can’t change the world but we can be little Angels for displaced Ukrainians and make an effort to help them stay warm, eat, sleep, bathe and get them a warm pillow in a safe place for the night.  Perhaps remind the children there are distant Angels praying for them while their Papas are off fighting to save their native land.

If you would rather donate directly to the Salvation Army you can do that here:

Here is a little bit about what the Salvation Army has been doing lately and where they are located in Ukraine:

In Dnipro, The Salvation Army prepared sweet pies and distributed them to displaced people.

In Lviv  The Salvation Army stocked up their supplies and shared contact details on social media for displaced people to get in touch and receive the most essential items.  

The Vinnytsia corps transformed their building into living quarters to accommodate internally displaced people.

If you also have that feeling you could do a little more, please be generous and be an Angel for Ukraine.

A big thank you (dyah-kooyoo) and Slava Ukraini (Glory to Ukraine)!

Red Square Maidan


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