More images from Russia’s Latest War Crime

I’m not going to apologise for showing these images. The world needs to see Russian atrocities in all the gory details. Maybe it will wake some of them up.


  1. Oh dear God that’s so awful. So sorry for these people and their poor loved ones.
    The creature that gave the orders for this massive hate crime and those who expedited it must be hunted down and methodically tortured to death.
    There must now be a NFZ. No more bullshit.
    There must now be allied boots on the ground. No more bullshit.
    Every weaponry requested must now be provided x 2.
    Every Russian in civilised countries must be rounded up, their cash and property confiscated and the proceeds sent to Ukraine.
    All road, rail, air and sea links between RuSSia and the civilised world must be completely blocked.
    All Russia blocked from SWIFT. No exceptions.
    All trade and diplomatic relations cancelled until putler is dead.

  2. I need a few drinks! These poor people! Dirty putinist swines! They must be held responsible for this!

      • 50 confirmed dead, 5 children over 100 injured. My deepest condolences to the families and freinds who have lost loved ones. I pray we can trace this iskander missle back to those responsible and make them pay dearly for what they have done. They even wrote on it “for the children”

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