Britain to send Ukraine arms to protect Odesa coast

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson intends to supply Ukraine with weapons that would help the country thwart Putin’s plans to occupy its southern part from the sea.

This was reported by Ukrinform with reference to The Sunday Times.

The United Kingdom is pushing to arm Ukraine with anti-ship missiles to sink Russian warships and “relieve” coastal cities that are now being bombarded from the sea.

Johnson told officials he planned to supply weapons to Ukraine to prevent Russian invaders from advancing on Odesa, just as he had done by providing British NLAW anti-tank missiles to defend Kyiv.


  1. This is great news, but is it really necessary to let the scum know what you are doing? Unless the weapons are already in Ukraine, it is irresponsible to allow this information to be released.

  2. Better get on with it Boris. You are the only one showing courage. But Ukraine needs you to go the extra mile. Simply because Europe is fulfilling its usual role: capitulation mongers, mixed with pro-putler scum.

    • Ukraine needs to destroy those ships in the Black Sea, this will completely cut off Russia’s attempt to take Odesa. Now that Turkey have said no warships can now leave or enter the Bosphorus, these weapons are vital to the future of Ukraine.

      • Putler’s entire Black Sea fleet needs to be blown to shit. For strategic reasons and also to exact at least some revenge for their filthy genocidal activities.

    • I found something at Forbes about the Neptunes. Not quite encouraging…

      Building up a traditional navy and air force might be impossible given the dire state of Ukraine’s economy. But missiles and drones are more affordable and, given Ukraine’s defensive stance, arguably more effective than ships and manned planes are.

      Eight years later, with a powerful Russian invasion force massing along the border, Kiev’s investment in drones and missiles is looking smarter and smarter. A handful of new fighter jets or frigates probably would be little more than expensive targets if the Russians roll west. But a few hundred precision missiles, cued in part by drones, might actually blunt a Russian assault.

      There’s a problem, however. One of the most important new systems, a locally made anti-ship missile, could be just a few months too late to make any difference in the fighting.

  3. I hope that those missiles are already in the country, otherwise A: mafia land could try to destroy them, now that they’re warned. And, B: The ships could cause severe damage to Odessa (and other targets) before any reach the Ukrainians.

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