Ukrainian paratroopers destroyed two enemy helicopters with an anti-tank missile system “Korsar” 

Fighters of the N-th separate airborne assault brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine shot down two transport and combat helicopters Mi-8 of the Russian Federation. 

This was reported in the press service of the Command of the Airborne Assault Forces.

Helicopters were destroyed in the Kharkov region. We did this with the help of the  domestic portable anti-tank missile system “Korsar”. This is the first time in the Russian-Ukrainian war when an ATGM successfully destroyed an air target!

After being hit by a missile, the unguided enemy Mi-8 fell on its side and, as it fell, collided with a helicopter flying behind.

In the video, enemy Mi-8s are on fire after “landing”.



    • I’m not seeing more offensive actions being reported. Maybe perhaps they’re being low key now. I wish I saw more offensive actions down south. Perhaps I have no right to judge as I sit my ass in a comfortable home while others are fighting. Yeah I guess I’m an ass as well.

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