Russians Are Afraid that “Iskanders” in Belarus Will be Next after Belgorod

Вінниця Мирна

Therefore, they finally decided to cover the positions of their “Iskander” (NATO: SS -26 “Stone”) short range ballistic missile systems with the help of S-300 (NATO: SA-10) long-range SAMS

Yesterday we reported that in the morning April 1 two unknown helicopters struck an oil depot in Belgorod, russia. The russians claim that they were Mi-24 (NATO: Hind) helicopters of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Ukrainian official structures do not confirm or deny this information.

It seems that after Belgorod, the russian cowards came to this conclusion – the next blow could be inflicted on the territory of Belarus, where the russian “Iskanders” are located. Therefore, they say, it is necessary to immediately strengthen air defense in the temporarily occupied Belarusian territory.

Interestingly, in this case, the russians did not trust their Belarusian “colleagues” to cover the “Iskanders”/ illustrative photo from open sources

According to Defense Express information, the transfer of additional missile systems of the russian army to Belarus is recorded. In particular, three “Iskander” missile systems and two S-300 anti-aircraft missile systems to cover them were detected in the Gomel region.

The moment is significant, so far the russians did not even consider it is necessary to create positional air defense areas to cover their missile defense system, but now Ukrainians know where the occupiers’ positions are located in Belarus. The russian invaders have every reason to fear a new, devastating retaliatory attack by the Ukrainians.

“Iskander” – a new potential target for retaliation from the Armed Forces of Ukraine / illustrative photo from open sources


  1. Maybe they could be targeted by special ops troops instead, who could also sabotage transport ways and storage areas.

  2. “Therefore, they say, it is necessary to immediately strengthen air defense in the temporarily occupied Belarusian territory.”

    If Ukraine can send a couple of helicopters undetected in one of the most heavily defended regions of Russia, then Russkie air defenses will be of no use in stopping Ukraine from destroying this junk, just like the Israelis did in Syria.

    After Ukraine has been decontaminated, they need to turn their attention to Belarus and remove Putin’s enabler, the guy who allowed Kyiv to be attacked from Belarus.

    • The citizens are doing pretty good by themselves right now it seems, from poisoning the vodka to sabotaging the trains and refusing to fight in Ukraine. Its nice to see popular support for Ukraine from specifically Belarus and Kazakhstan.

  3. How rich it would be if Ukraine deposed Luka and replaced him with the person who actually won the last election.

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