The mayor of Bucha confirmed the liberation of the city from Russian troops

On March 31, Russian invaders were expelled from the city.

The mayor of Buchi showed the consequences of the battle in the city / photo REUTERSThe mayor of Bucha showed the consequences of the battle in the city / photo REUTERS

The mayor of Bucha Anatoly Fedoruk confirmed that the Ukrainian military drove the Russian occupiers out of the city. The liberation of the settlement began yesterday, March 31.

He noted that “this day will go down in the glorious history of Bucha and the entire Bucha community.”

In turn, the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine  says that during the retreat from Bucha, the invaders mined civilian structures, infrastructure facilities and some areas within the settlement.

Recall, on March 28, the mayor of Irpin, Alexander Markushin, said that the city of Irpin in the Kiev region was liberated from Russian invaders and now the city is being cleaned up. He also noted that the Russian occupiers are still shelling the city from “Gradov”, Irpin is mined, so it is still impossible to return there, evacuation is underway. 

Earlier, the head of the Kiev OVA, Alexander Pavlyuk, confirmed that there was a large accumulation of Russian equipment near Kiev , but, according to him, up to 30% of the personnel remained in some units.

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  1. Scrap merchants in Ukraine are going to be busy for years. I know this location. Just in front of the junk, is a blown bridge. The Russkies were caught in a trap from hell.

    • I almost bought an apartment or house in Bucha. I like the town a lot. There are a lot of trees in some parts. Looks like a forest with houses.

      • There is a beautiful park on the north side of the town. Fuck knows what it looks like now the savages have been there. That was the side of town not far from Gostomel.

          • Thought it might be. The nazis were firing in that direction for weeks, while hiding amongst residential buildings, too scared to come out and fight Ukrainian military.

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