Wladimir Klitschko tells Tucker Carlson and Candace Owens: ‘Blood is on your hands’


Ariana Baio. Mar 28

Former Ukrainian boxing heavyweight champion Wladimir Klitschko made an appearance on Newsmaxshow ‘The Balance’ to speak about the state of Ukraine with Eric Bolling – and he had some choice words for conservatives who did not stand with Ukraine. 

Bolling asked Klitschko what he would like to say to conservative Americans – like Tucker Carlson and Candace Owens – who do not feel it is the United States’ place to help Ukraine amidst the Russian invasion.

“There is a very popular television host, Tucker Carlson, I talked about the popular Candace Owens as well – conservatives who typically, I don’t know why they are not supporting you or Ukraine but they’re not,” Bolling said. What do you say to those people?”

If you are passively observing, you’re part of this invasion, blood is on your hands too,” Klitschko said.

The 46-year-old went on to explain that Ukraine shares the same principles of freedom and democracy as the United States and other Western world countries. Klitschko added that any country that continues economic trade with Russia is funding “bullets and rockets to the Russian army’s hands.”

Ron Filipkowski @RonFilipkowski

Kyiv mayor Klitschko asked about Tucker Carlson, Candace Owens and others on the American Right: “You are part of this invasion. Blood is on your hands too.”

Later during his appearance, Klitschko told Bolling he was afraid for his brother, Vitali Klitschko’s, safety. Vitali is the mayor of Kyiv and both Klitschko brothers have vowed to stay in Ukraine and fight alongside the Ukrainian army.

To generate support for Ukraine, the Klitschkos have continuously spoken with news outlets to share footage and stories from Ukraine. Earlier in March, Vitali told an Australian news outlet that Russian propaganda was “bullsh**,” sparking memes.

Bolling’s comment about conservatives Carlson and Owens references the countless comments both media personalities have made about Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. 

Notably, Carlson has defended Russia and Putin saying US lawmakers intentionally sought out war with Russia. Leaked documents from the Kremlin indicate that Russian state television is trying to push more of Carlson’s air time.

Meanwhile, Owens compared the treatment of Russians to the Black Lives Matter movement starting a “Russian Lives Matter” campaign. 

The Independent has a proud history of campaigning for the rights of the most vulnerable, and we first ran our Refugees Welcome campaign during the war in Syria in 2015. Now, as we renew our campaign and launch this petition in the wake of the unfolding Ukrainian crisis, we are calling on the government to go further and faster to ensure help is delivered. 

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Video interview with Wladimir here:



  1. Owens wants a “Russian Lives Matter” campaign. Carlson spews lies and hate and sniggers every day whilst putler murders little children.
    Both of these monsters should hang.

  2. Btw, the ruble is almost back to normal. The sanctions are not working. The putlerstani economy must be completely crushed.

    • A Ruble is not much more than 1 cent or about 82 Rubles to the dollar. By itself, that is not a measure of Russia’s economy.

    • It’s been massively propped up by mafia land, Scradge. In reality, it’s worth as much as a few sheets of toilet paper.

        • I know. Mafia land should be hurt a lot more. The main problem is that they still are selling lots of oil and gas and the current high prices for them helps mafia land. Slow Joe could easily end this scenario if he had a functional brain by re-opening our oil and gas drilling.

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