Vyshhorod was completely liberated from Russian invaders

The Ukrainian military continues the counteroffensive and liberates the settlements of the Kiev region.

falseVyshhorod was returned under the control of the Armed Forces of Ukraine / photo facebook.com/MinistryofDefence.UA

The Ukrainian armed forces liberated the city of Vyshgorod in the Kiev region from Russian invaders. The defense forces continue their counteroffensive and announce good news within a day or two.

This was stated at a briefing on March 31 by Deputy Chief of Staff of the Command of the Ground Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Alexander Gruzevich.

He noted that the Armed Forces of Ukraine have achieved significant success in many areas and continue offensive operations. Gruzevich promised good news in the coming days.

“I think that good news awaits us in the near future, and, believe me, there will be. I know that you worry a lot about Bucha, about Vyshgorod … Vyshgorod is already ours, under control. In the near future, as I said, we will have very, very good news. I think in a day or two, and we will see a wonderful picture, and further develop our success,” Gruzevich emphasized.

However, the brigadier general urged not to relax too much, since the enemy has the strength to strike back, first of all, one should be wary of missile strikes, with which the enemy continues to destroy the infrastructure of cities.

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