Putin no longer hopes to capture Kyiv, but transfers additional forces to the Donbass – media

The Kremlin decided to radically change the tactics of the Russians in Ukraine.

Putin changed tactics in relation to Ukraine and realized that it would not work to take Kyiv with "little bloodshed" / photo REUTERSPutin changed tactics in relation to Ukraine and realized that it would not work to take Kyiv with “little bloodshed” / photo REUTERS

Russia announced a “change of priorities” in the war with Ukraine. We are talking about the withdrawal of troops from Kyiv and Chernigov and the transfer of additional forces to the Donbass.

According to the Russian opposition publication Meduza , citing sources in the Kremlin, there are not only military, but also political reasons behind this decision. For example, the fact that Russian officials do not understand how the country can survive under harsh Western sanctions.

“By the end of March, the Russian military leadership had finally come to terms with the fact that Kyiv would not be able to be ‘taken with little bloodshed’, that is, by forces that were already involved in the ‘special operation,'” Meduza writes, citing three sources close to the presidential administration. and two interlocutors close to the government.

Back in late February, sources in the Kremlin were sure that large cities, including Kyiv, would be captured quickly and easily. However, no one took into account the courage and power of the Ukrainian army.

The rhetoric of the authorities towards Ukraine began to change at the end of March. Five sources say the softening of the rhetoric is linked to progress in the talks.

After negotiations in Istanbul, the Russian Federation announced the withdrawal of troops from the Kiev and Chernihiv regions, and Shoigu announced the priority “liberation of Donbass.”

In addition, according to the publication, at the end of March, officials showed Putin calculations about the state of the Russian economy. According to these documents, “at least somehow the country will not be able to live normally under such sanctions.”

“[The government] is holding meetings in various sectors of approximately the same content: you can hold out on old stocks for several months. infrastructure problems, problems with transport,” a source close to the federal cabinet said.

Three sources close to the Kremlin say Putin has not yet made a final decision on what to do next.

According to one of them, Putin is now “influenced by various groups and people,” and he himself is ready to listen to those who insist on peace with Ukraine, and those who advocate the continuation of a full-scale war.

According to the publication, Putin is afraid that the end of the war will collapse his rating.

“Citizens are overheated by propaganda. Let’s say a decision is made to stop on the territory of Donbass. And what about the” Nazis “? – says one of the political technologists who cooperate with the Kremlin.

Putin ordered pollsters to find out how Russians really view the war. There are many supporters. Most of all, the “sofa patriots” who support the war, who say they are in favor, but will not take to the streets for the continuation of hostilities. Another part of the support core of the “operation” are women 40+. They are for it, but when they ask: “Are you ready to send one of the family members to fight?” “They immediately declare that they are not ready,” the source notes.

Against this backdrop, a meeting was held in the Kremlin to discuss strategies for how to explain to the Russians possible peace talks with Ukraine. However, “effective strategies of explanation were not found.”

“So much coal was thrown into the furnace of a locomotive, it will not be possible to stop it immediately,” one of the political technologists said at the meeting.

In the domestic political bloc of the Russian Federation, they are preparing for the inevitable fall in the ratings of the authorities after the end of the war and the intensifying economic crisis. Especially – in the largest cities. First of all in Moscow and St. Petersburg. According to closed polls by the Presidential Administration, more than half of the residents now support the war in these cities.

Political technologists close to the authorities were given the task to think about “a new ideology for the country”, about “some new national idea.”

“In some form, there will still be peace, and people will ask: what was it for? Kyiv has not been taken, most of the sanctions have not been lifted, it’s bad to live with them. Why endure all this? filled in by someone else,” says one of the interlocutors of the publication.

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  1. I wonder if Putin is even in charge anymore. I have no info to suggest this, it’s just a feeling.

  2. No, Putler can forget about taking Kyiv. Now, Ukraine must get rid of the cockroaches from the rest of the country.

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