“Everyone is dragging bags”: the occupier boasted to his wife how the Russian military rob the houses of Ukrainians

The Russian thief claimed to have stolen cosmetics and sportswear and shoes.

The occupant told his wife how he robs houses in Ukraine / REUTERS photoThe occupant told his wife how he robs houses in Ukraine / REUTERS photo

The Russian military continues to loot in the settlements of Ukraine. Invaders steal even cosmetics and clothes.

The corresponding audio recording was published by the adviser to the Minister of Internal Affairs Anton Gerashchenko .

Thus, the occupant communicated with, presumably, his wife. The woman reports that there are rumors that Russian troops are returning home. In turn, the occupier says that they first go to Belarus, then to Smolensk, and only after that they go home.

At the same time, the Russian military boasts that he stole cosmetics and sportswear that belonged to a Ukrainian family.

“I’m here for you a little… I stole some cosmetics for you a little. Samples, really, well, okay… Then women’s NB sneakers, branded, size 38,” said the Russian robber.

His wife does not scold her “getter”, but rather praises and rejoices in the loot.

“Yes, you are my sweetie, everyone is in the house, everyone is in the family … Well, okay, this will be greetings from Ukraine, che. Well, what kind of Russian person does not resist anything, you che,” the girl replies.

According to the thief, everything in Ukraine is of high quality, so the occupiers “carry everything with bags.” He also complains that he could not pick up the laptop, because there was no bag, but he got t-shirts.

“Well, imagine, Sophia will go to study, she also needs a laptop. Dial, dial, Andrey. What you can, take everything. T-shirts are always needed,” a female voice replies.

In addition, the Russian military said that he “went nuts when he entered the room …”

“Estimate how they lived. And how we live. That’s what they fight for … well, they lived normally,” his chosen one answered enviously.

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  1. It’ll be a long long time perhaps a hundred years if ever that Ukrainians will ever forgive but never forget. Where the fuck us Israel with their Never Again!!!!

  2. In normal countries, looting is punishable according to military law. Mafia land is living up to its name.

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