Future Eurasia?


  1. Russia is still too large in this image. There should be no place on earth called Russia. It needs destroying forever.

      • Off topic: the poster Agne is arguing pointlessly that putler is not a national socialist. Check out her stuff. If you agree with me that she is an offensive, borderline halfwit, then maybe she should be politely encouraged to go to RaT instead.

        • Labels are easily misinterpreted imo and I don’t put much stock in them Sir Scradge. You could call Trump a liberal one day and a conservative the next. I think calling Hitler a nationalist is being too nice and it should be genocidalist or simply racist.

          • It was my fault for wording my comment wrongly. I have since corrected it.
            I think we all believe on this site that putler is a nazi; both by deeds and ideology. In his case his ideology comes from a 100% nazi: Aleksandr Dugin.
            Therefore a poster here arguing that putler is not a nazi is surely not welcome. In fact I would argue that putler is worse than a nazi. The thugs, thieves and rapists that comprise his armed forces are in fact worse than nazis. Nazis were gentlemen compared to these vermin.

            • I agree and would welcome any bad names for putin. I think we’ve used a thousand of them here. Its one of my favorite sports, lol. Ukraine needs all the friends she can get I think.

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