From the FB page of Petro Poroshenko yesterday

I am absolutely certain that if in 2008 during the NATO Bucharest Summit Ukraine and Georgia had received a Plan of Action on Membership that would lead us to full membership in the Alliance before 2014 then Crimea would be free and Donbass would be free well and we would be there was no war on the continent.

This is the price that the Ukrainian people, the Georgian people, the Europeans pay for the indecisive politicians. And this is a lesson they need to learn very carefully and do it right now. Learn this lesson from the dedication of the Ukrainian army. Learn it from the determination demonstrated by the Ukrainian people.

He said about it on the air of a Georgian TV channel TV Pirveli • ტელეკომპანია პირველი .


  1. The guilty parties are now too busy patting themselves on their own shoulders for all the “help” they are providing for Ukraine. The pathetic pond scum should be thrown in prison!

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