Britain wants to be a security guarantor for Ukraine and plans new military supplies

Great Britain expressed readiness to provide security guarantees for Ukraine.

Barbara Woodward, Permanent Representative of Britain to the UN, stated this at a briefing.

“My prime minister talks to President Zelensky almost every day. We want in any way we can to help end the war, ensure the withdrawal of Russian troops. And we will be happy to play this role if Ukraine asks, yes, ”said Woodward.

According to her, the British authorities provide both humanitarian and military support to Kiev. More than £400 million has already been spent on this.

We will note, according to the Times , the Chief of the British Defense Staff, Admiral Tony Radakin, said that  Britain is moving into a “new phase” in its support for Ukraine.

He noted that the nature of hostilities has changed – the Ukrainian army has moved from the defense of cities to successful counter-offensives and is displacing the Russian invaders, so it is necessary to change the nature of the weapons that Britain is transferring to us.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has told ministers that he wants to provide Ukraine with “more lethal” military assistance. Now it is being discussed what kind of supplies it could be.



  1. In terms of military support, the entire world’s contribution is negligible. Apart from the US and Britain, who have kept Ukraine in the game. But they still fell way, way short.
    The insertion of three divisions of ground troops last year, with air and sea support, would have caused putler to cancel his genocide.
    The following article is probably fairly accurate in terms of outlining Ukraine’s military needs:

    If those filthy nazi orcs leave, the process of recovery can begin. The putinazis must pay for it all, plus interest.

    But the Budapest signatories owe a huge apology for not honouring that agreement. It appears that only after this terrible war will they do it at last.

    If you factor in the murder of little children, rape of women, torture, thieving and destruction, the final bill for this outrage has got to be $1 trillion, which the putinazis must pay out of their energy income. $250bn/yr for five years, plus interest.

    • I think NOW is the time for the failed signatories of the Budapest Memorandum to put up or shut up and build permanent bases in Ukraine. Now! Those announcements might change Vladolf’s calculus. It would also show the people of Ukraine the sincere desire to protect them. Since NATO is off the table this would be a solid 2nd.

  2. Britain clearly means business when it wants to protect democracy and punish the crime syndicate. The rest of Europeans are limp dicks and Sad Sacks, as usual.

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