Warning: this article is so shocking it will make you sick to the stomach. Apologies in advance



  1. More evidence to add to the ever growing list of war crimes. Yet bastards like Macron keep saying lines of communication need to be kept open with the mafia state. Wrong on all accounts, Russia needs completely isolating and all Russian assets sent to repair Ukraine. Then total destruction of the Russian economy needs to take place. If countries like Israel, Turkey etc refuse to sanction Russia, by using the lame excuse of wanting to mediate, then devastating sanctions need to be placed on them also.

      • When this filthy war is over, please God let it be soon, avenging angels must be infiltrated into putlerstan to catch scum like Romanov and torture them to death.

  2. This stuff should be shown to the jellyfish, ruskie ass-kissers and other scum of the earth who are not totally against mafia land.

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