US records start of Russian troop withdrawal from Kyiv – CNN

As noted in the United States, Russia has begun the withdrawal of forces from the outskirts of Kyiv, but will cover it with the bombing of Kyiv from the air and with the help of artillery.

Russia is facing a failure to advance north of Kyiv / photo REUTERSRussia is facing a failure to advance north of Kyiv / photo REUTERS

Russia is reducing the combat activity of its invading troops near Kiev.

It is reported by CNN with reference to two US officials.

In particular, the United States is recording how troops are moving: Russian forces have begun to withdraw from the outskirts near Kyiv and are concentrating on the achieved positions in the south and east of Ukraine.

In the meantime, as one US official said, Russia will cover the withdrawal of troops by bombarding Kyiv from the air and with the help of artillery. US officials warn that Russia can always return forces if combat conditions favor it.

The US sees this as a long-term move as Russia faces the setback to push north of Kyiv.

Earlier, Russian media disseminated information that Russia announced two steps to de-escalate the war, including “a significant reduction in military activity in the directions of Kyiv and Chernigov.”

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  1. I don’t trust them. They’re just reinforcing the East and south. Still need to get the cockroaches out of there.

    • That’s exactly what they are doing. Ukraine needs to send forces to relieve Mariupol and to end efforts of Russia it gain a “land bridge” to Crimea. Destroy the Kerch Strait bridge while they are at it.

  2. This is a military defeat and nothing else.
    Ukraine should hinder their retreat as much as possible. If they let the cockroaches go, the queen cockroach will make them come back at another time. Or, they will be used to reinforce the south and the east.

  3. Russia are not withdrawing, they are being pushed back. To save face they come up with this half baked excuse about withdrawing to save Putler’s humiliation.

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