The US Senate is proposing to direct funds from confiscated Russian assets to help Ukraine 

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U.S. Senators Michael Bennett and Rob Portman have introduced a bill to redistribute funds from seized Russian assets to a fund to help Ukrainian refugees and rebuild Ukraine.

According to Axios, the two-party bill will be called the “Law on Assistance to Ukraine”, reports

It offers:

  • send to the Ukrainian aid fund the money that will be received from the liquidation of assets of Russian oligarchs found by the KleptoCapture task force.
  • this money will be used to support Ukrainian refugees, rebuild Ukraine and other efforts.
  • the fund will be managed by the State Department in consultation with the United States Agency for International Development.

“Ukraine is currently experiencing the worst refugee crisis since World War II – they need our help. One way to help is to move from freezing the assets of Russian oligarchs and wealthy citizens to confiscating and providing these funds to the people of Ukraine,” Portman said.

Bennett added that the bill should force Russian dictator Vladimir Putin and the oligarchs to pay retribution. The bill guarantees that the funds from the confiscated assets will go directly to the Ukrainian people to support them in the coming difficult years, the senator added. Джерело:



  1. I love it. Congress needs to take the lead in anything for Ukraine be it humanitarian or military as the occupant of the White House is useless.

  2. That would be the only righteous thing to do. I do hope that every country with mafia assets will do the same. Take away state assets from mafia land too!

    • We are still waiting for the useless UN to do something too. I wonder how they feel now that Hitler 2.0 has revealed himself. Their entire existence and you might add NATO too, was to prevent another Hitler 2.0 AND THEY FAILED. If the Moskali don’t lose their veto at a minimum, the UN should simply dissolve. Its just a glorified accounting firm anyway.

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