Russian Wagner mercenaries deployed to Ukraine


British military intelligence said on Monday the Russian private military company, the Wagner Group, has been deployed to eastern Ukraine.


“They are expected to deploy more than 1,000 mercenaries, including senior leaders of the organisation, to undertake combat operations,” Britain’s Ministry of Defense said.


It is believed that due to heavy losses the Russian army was forced to move the Wagners to Ukraine at the expense of military operations in Syria and Africa.


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    • I hope they plan to pack their pockets with sunflower seeds so they bring something useful to Ukraine when they come. They’ll be nothing but fertilizer. Then next season Ukrainian children can eat the seeds donated by the RuSSian nazis.

  1. Now if Biden could send some Delta Force troops and Boris could send some SAS to wipe them out, that would be a reasonable response. If they won’t do that, then why can’t they simply hire a load of mercs to do the job? That would be a deniable operation. Besides : mercs cancelling out mercs; that’s fair isn’t it?

    • Isn’t that something? Armenia donates MiGs to Putler but Bidenov says Poland can’t donate MiGs to Ukraine. Its as if Bidenov is saying, “Ukraine, hurry up and lose already!”

      • Red, the Armenian embassy in Kyiv vehemently denies the fighters claim, which originated from Turkish and Azeri news sources.
        It might still be true of course, but it seems quite likely that Armenia was the subject of Turko-Azeri disinformation agitprop.

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