Russia says it will ‘drastically reduce’ attacks around Kyiv​

Aim to increase mutual trust – Russia

We’ve just heard that Russia plans to reduce military activity around the capital Kyiv.

Russian forces seem to have stalled in this area – earlier the UK’s defence ministry said that Ukrainian forces had succeeded in pushing back the Russians from a number of positions.

More from Russia’s deputy defence minister – who is speaking after negotiators from Russia and Ukraine met in Istanbul for three hours.

Alexander Fomin said the decision to “radically reduce” Russia’s military activity in the two cities was taken in order to “increase mutual trust” and help lead to further negotiations and achieving the “ultimate goal” of a signed agreement between the two sides, in comments reported by Russian news agency Ria Novosti.


  1. I wouldn’t trust anything Russia says. Just like their BS about completing phase 1 of their denazification of Ukraine and concentrating on Donbas. This is another attempt to mask the Russian inability to beat the Ukrainian army.

  2. Negotiations are fine. But Ukraine knows NEVER to trust these nazi motherfuckers.
    Keep negotiating by all means, but smash the orcs to fuck.
    The putinazis committed yet another filthy atrocity today. No doubt they were trying to kill the great Vitali Kim; the Governor of Mykolayiv. Translation:

    “The President said that in the Mykolaiv Regional State Administration, as a result of a missile shot, seven people died under the rubble.”

    “This morning, the Russian Federation struck at Mykolaiv, an absolutely peaceful city … As a result of the strike, the building of the Regional State Administration was destroyed… Currently, it is known that 7 people were killed, 22 were injured, the analysis of the rubble continues,” Zelensky said.

    Mr Kim is a Russian-speaking man with a Korean father and a Ukrainian mother. Does that sound like a nazi to you putler, you fucking nazi motherfucker?

  3. As I have said before, Putin and his goons have lied so much that anything they say must be taken as a lie until proven otherwise.

    If they do pull back in the north, it will be time to send forces down to Mariupol to relive the city, then start pushing Russian goons back behind the line of contact and back into Crimea.

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