Peskov: Russia has no plans to use nukes in Ukraine war


Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov has said Russia has no plans to use nuclear weapons in the war against Ukraine.


“No one is thinking about using … even about [the] idea of using a nuclear weapon,” Peskov said in an interview with US public broadcaster PBS on Monday.


“We have no doubt that all the objectives of our special military operation in Ukraine will be completed. We have no doubt about that,” Peskov said.


“But any outcome of the operation, of course, is not a reason for usage of a nuclear weapon,” he said.


“We have a security concept that very clearly states that only when there is a threat for existence of the state in our country, we can use and we will actually use nuclear weapons to eliminate the threat,” he explained.


“Let’s keep these two things separate, I mean, existence of the state and [the] special military operation in Ukraine. They have nothing to do with each other,” Peskov added.


Concerns grew in the West when President Vladimir Putin ordered the Russian nuclear forces to be put on alert at the start of the armed attack on Ukraine and warned that countries that intervened in the conflict would have to reckon with consequences “like they have never experienced before.”


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  1. An evil nazi thug speaking for an evil nazi regime that uses child murder and genocide to achieve its nazi objectives.
    God bless Ukraine and protect her from savages.

    • Russia has no plans to invade Ukraine. Russia invades.
      Russia will not attack civilians. Russia slaughters civilians.
      Russia will never use gas as a weapon. Russia threatens to cut off EU gas supply.
      Russia will never use nukes in Ukraine………………………

      Once a liar, always a liar.

  2. Putin said they weren’t going to invade, but he did. Nothing that regime says can be taken as anything but a lie until proven otherwise.

  3. Yes, i really hope they are telling the truth now.
    And of course, it wouldn’t be very smart to contaminate Ukraine and we all know fallout knows no borders.

    Communists, so typical.
    The reds.

    • Interesting I read an article yesterday about some Moskali holding down Chernobyl. One of the local Ukrainians were telling the Occupiers to be careful and not kick up radioactive dust. The Moskali said that was all lies and nothing happened at the NPP.
      Intercepted phones calls showed he called his wife back in Mordor and she said yeah, its radioactive and you need to come home! He said he couldn’t because the FSB would kill him.
      I will try to post the article later Sir Agne

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