Kuleba reacted to Putin’s “I will destroy them”: he poked his nose into the failures of the Russian Federation in Ukraine

It was reported that Abramovich gave Putin a note from Zelensky with peace terms.


Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba reacted to the alleged response of Russian President Vladimir Putin, who, after reading a note from Zelensky with peace conditions, said: “I will destroy them.”

The minister’s reaction was broadcast on Ukrainian television.

Kuleba noted that “in fact, what President Putin thinks right now in terms of who he will “finish off” is of very little importance.

“Let me remind you that he was going to capture Kyiv and the key cities of Ukraine literally within a few days. I think that at that time he also sat and thought to himself:“ I will finish them off very quickly. ”But nothing came of it … He may make some plans there, but we have our own plans. These are plans for victory and for the liberation of our territories,” the Foreign Minister said.

According to The Times , Russian oligarch Roman Abramovich flew to Russia with a note for Putin from the President of Ukraine. Zelensky allegedly conveyed peace terms from Kyiv.

The note spoke of peace conditions. To which the President of the Russian Federation replied: “Tell him that I will destroy them.”

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