Kremlin’s plans completely failed – Arestovich

There will be a lot of nuclear blackmail from Russia.

Vladimir Putin and Sergei Shoigu / REUTERSVladimir Putin and Sergei Shoigu / REUTERS

Aleksey Arestovich, adviser to the head of the Presidential Office, considers the offensive of Russian troops on the Kharkov, Kiev and Sumy regions a failure.

He stated this in an interview with DW .

“Our forces are already liberating the Sumy region, part of the Kharkov and Kiev regions. Russian columns are leaving from there. This is a failure for them,” Arestovich said.

According to him, there will be a lot of nuclear blackmail from Russia because of this.

“They did not even dare to announce a general mobilization in Russia, which means that they are afraid of internal protests and socio-political tensions within the country,” Arestovich explained.

The probability of Belarus entering the war is very low, he added: “Instead of a powerful Belarusian operation in the Kyiv region, there will be a Belarusian army going over to our side and there will be a powerful operation in the direction of Minsk. They fully understand this and are afraid.”

According to the General Staff, Russia is now withdrawing part of its troops from the Chernihiv and Kiev directions . The enemy is regrouping forces for a further attack on the eastern regions.

Earlier, the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation announced the completion of the “first stage” of the “special operation” announced the transition to an offensive in the Donbass.

At the same time, as the Financial Times wrote , Putin is hatching a plan to encircle the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the eastern region in order to have leverage in the negotiations between Russia and Ukraine.

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  1. At this stage it is unwise for the defenders to engage in triumphalism. There will be plenty of time for that once peace is achieved.


  2. This is the beginning of the end of mafia land’s criminal campaign around Kyiv. Maybe in other areas too. We’ll see…

      • Combat engineers usually make plans or accurate sketches of where mines are laid. The areas should also me specially marked. Of course, maybe the cockroaches failed to do any of that, seeing how many other things they’ve screwed up.

  3. Kind of funny he is using the word “nazi” and said he would denazify Ukraine.
    His attack on Ukraine is comparable with the attack on Poland, but on the other hand, the Soviet Union did their part in that attack.

    Hitler and Stalin cut up Poland like sharing a cake.

    However, to imply Putin is a nationalsocialist is far from correct.

    • You are highly offensive and a borderline halfwit : putler is a Marxist-Leninist turned fascist. He is an exact definition of a national socialist in terms of actions and ideology. An ideology he gets from a nazi named Aleksandr Dugin.

      • You can call me whatever you like, it’s ok.
        And if you wan’t to use the term “nazi” to describe Putin i don’t care. But i do question this point of view, because despite his brutal actions and crimes, this doesn’t make him a nationalsocialist.
        In Putins Russia it’s not allowed to deny the holocaust and nationalsocialists but also other true russian nationalists are put behind bars.

        Not to mention that in the streets of Moscow you see that kind of diversity hardly appreciated by a nationalsocialist, and not by me either for that matter.

        And the nazbol, eurasianist Alexander Dugin, well i read and heard some statements from him that is totally alien for a nationalsocialist and i can’t say i appreciate this modern day Rasputin my self.

        People are free to describe these men with what ever words they like but to say Putin is a convinced nationalsocialist is just as bisarre like him saying Ukraine should be ruled by “nazis”.

  4. Minister of defense of the russian federation, the aggressor country, Shoigu has stated that the main tasks of the first stage of the “special operation” have been completed and it is possible to focus on the “liberation” of the Donbas. He told this during a conference call.

    According to Shoigu, “in general, the main tasks of the first stage of the operation (undisguised and unmotivated aggression against Ukraine – OstroV) have been completed. The combat potential of the Ukrainian Armed Forces has been significantly reduced, which allows focusing the main attention and efforts on achieving the main goal – the liberation (occupation – OstroV) of the Donbas”.

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