KamAZ returned to the production of models half a century ago: due to sanctions in Russia, the fulfillment of defense orders is disrupted

The production of missiles, tanks, cars and aircraft in the Russian Federation is on the verge of collapse. They cannot fulfill government contracts due to large-scale sanctions.

This was reported in the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine.

The inability to continue production is due to rising prices for raw materials, materials and components. Over the past decades, military production and “re-equipment” of the Russian army has been possible due to the massive purchase of foreign technologies, materials and electronics.

“Today, the KamAZ plant has become a vivid example of “technological independence” and “import substitution” of the Russian Federation. Modern models produced by the plant were equipped with Cummins engines (USA), ZF gearbox (Germany) and Bosch fuel equipment (Germany). They were forced to return to the production of models of the 1960s, which the Russians called “classic” – according to the Main Intelligence Directorate.



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