Kadyrov urged “to complete what we started” and “to take Kyiv.” After Russia reduced military activity in the Kiev direction

The head of Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyrov, said that during the Russian “special operation” in Ukraine, Kyiv should be captured. About this, according to RIA Novosti, he said, speaking at a large-scale gathering of military forces in Grozny.

“I declare that it is necessary to complete what has been started, not to stop. We must go to Kyiv and pick up Kyiv. If we were left near Kyiv, then I am more than sure that we would have gone to Kyiv and put things in order, ”Kadyrov said.

On March 28, Ramzan Kadyrov, according to Chechen authorities, visited Mariupol, which is under Russian siege. After the trip, Kadyrov wrote on social networks that “protecting the civilian population of Donbass and bringing the special operation in Ukraine to a logical victorious end is our direct responsibility.”

On March 29, another round of Russian-Ukrainian talks took place in Istanbul, after which Russian Deputy Defense Minister Alexander Fomin announced that Russia would “drastically reduce” military activity in the Kiev and Chernihiv directions. CNN reports , citing American sources, that the United States is seeing Russia withdraw some of its troops from Kiev.

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  1. This clown does not represent the chechens who suffered genocide by RuSSia, he’s just a paid puppet.

  2. “If we were left near Kyiv, then I am more than sure that we would have gone to Kyiv and put things in order, ”Kadyrov said.”

    This rats ass should have gone to Kyiv with the rest of his Tik Tok soldiers, most would now be meeting their 72 virgins.

  3. The cockroach will get roasted, just like most of the other cockroaches that tried to take Kyiv. The fool really thinks that he and his handful of goat fuckers can take a city the size of Kyiv! He is beyond nuts.

    • Well, since he lost two of his Generals in Ukraine perhaps this little mouthy zit would lead his troops himself in Ukraine, I would suggest he fill his pockets with sunflower seeds first…

      • I don’t think that this shit nugget will go anywhere near Kyiv. He knows it’s a meat grinder.

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