The Kremlin is threatening to cut off gas supplies to Europe because of the refusal of buyers to pay in rubles 


Russia will not supply gas to Europe if European buyers refuse to pay for it in rubles, as Vladimir Putin wanted.

This was stated by spokesman for Russian President Dmitry Peskov, writes Kommersant .

Peskov said that Russia does not yet know what measures it will take if Europe refuses to pay for gas in rubles. However, according to him, in this case, Russia will definitely not supply gas to the European Union for free.

“The fact that we will not supply gas for free is clear. It is safe to say,” said the Kremlin speaker.

Peskov also said that the reduction in demand for Russian oil in Europe, Russia will try to replace the increase in supplies to Southeast Asia.

Earlier, Russian President Vladimir Putin instructed the government, the Central Bank and Gazprom to transfer gas payments to “unfriendly countries” by March 31.

However, a number of European companies and EU governments have already stated that they will not pay for gas in rubles , as the current contracts provide for a different currency.

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  1. Here we are again with Vladolf breaking contracts under threats of freezing to death. I hope the EU countries hold strong and crush the ruble. It has come back to almost pre-invasion levels. Unbelievable.

    • Mafia land is propping up the rubble with desperate measures. It’s still toilet paper.

    • Yes, I saw this a while ago on Twitter. Goes to show you what filthy criminals there are in mafia land.

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