European brewing giants Heineken and Carlsberg leave Russia


The Dutch brewery Heineken has announced a decision to suspend business and leave the Russian market in response to continued Russian aggression in Ukraine.

This is stated in the statement of the company.

It is noted that Heineken has previously announced the cessation of investment and exports to Russia, stopped production, sales and advertising of the brand.

“After a previously announced strategic review of our activities, we concluded that Heineken’s ownership of the business in Russia is no longer stable and viable in the current environment. In the end, we decided to leave Russia,” the statement said.

The company stressed that they want to transfer their business to the new owner in order to ensure the well-being of its employees in Russia, as well as minimize the risk of nationalization.

Heineken stressed that the company will not receive any profit from the transfer of ownership. After the transfer, Heineken will no longer be represented in Russia.

Later, another of the largest breweries, Carlsberg Group, announced its withdrawal from Russia.

“On March 9, we announced a strategic review of the Carlsberg Group’s presence in Russia. Based on this review, we made a difficult and immediate decision to withdraw completely from our business in Russia, which we believe is the right decision in the current environment. process, – ed.) we will not have a presence in Russia, “- said in a statement published on the company’s website.

The Carlsberg Group clarified that as a result of the implementation of this decision, business in Russia will no longer be included in the income and operating profit of the group. In terms of accounting, Russian business will be considered as an asset held for sale.

The company notes that in 2021, the revenue of Russian business amounted to 6.5 billion Danish kroner, and operating income – 682 million Danish kroner.

“We deeply regret the consequences of this decision for our 8,400 employees in Russia. Until the process is complete, we will support the recently announced reduced level of operations to support the livelihoods of these workers and their families. Any proceeds from the humanitarian crisis will be donated. charities, “added the Carlsberg Group.

Heineken International and the Carlsberg Group are one of the world’s largest breweries, ranking third and fourth in the world in terms of revenue after Anheuser-Busch InBev and SABMiller. 


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