Bellingcat and WSJ: Roman Abramovich was among the poisoned participants in Russian-Ukrainian negotiations

The investigative project Bellingcat  tweeted that it confirms reports that several participants in the March 3 talks between Russia and Ukraine had symptoms of poisoning similar to those from the use of chemical weapons.

In total, according to Bellingcat, three participants in the negotiations had such symptoms on the night of March 4, including businessman Roman Abramovich.

The negotiators complained of inflammation of the skin and mucous membranes of the eyes, as well as a sharp pain in the eyes that did not go away for several hours.

Bellingcat writes that the negotiations took place on Ukrainian territory, without specifying the details.

The Wall Street Journal, in turn , reports that Abramovich and two other negotiators, including Rustem Umerov, felt bad after the talks in Kiev.

According to the WSJ, Abramovich also met with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky in Kyiv, who showed no symptoms of poisoning.

Representatives of the Ukrainian side, writes WSJ, linked the poisoning with an attempt by some forces in the Kremlin to disrupt the peace talks. A source close to Abramovich told the publication that he did not know who was behind the poisoning attempt.

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  1. Given the Nazi leanings of the Russian regime, poisoning is not a surprise. Putin doesn’t want peace, he wants all of Ukraine and to subjugate its people.

  2. Nothing – really, nothing – surprises me anymore regarding mafia land.
    What would this mean? No more negotiations? Negotiations only via Zoom?

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