Echelon with military equipment moves to the border of Belarus with Ukraine

Violetta Orlova 00:27, 03/23/22 UNIAN

The final station is Khoiniki, near the border with Ukraine.

Illustrative frame with a train of military equipment / ScreenshotIllustrative frame with a train of military equipment / Screenshot

On Tuesday, March 22, at 21:40, a train of military equipment set off towards Kalinkovichi in Belarus.

This is reported by the community of railway workers in Belarus.

So, five units of the Grad MLRS, more than 15 Urals (awnings) and combat tracked vehicles without insignia were seen.

“The assembly train is now standing at the Kalinkovichi station, a group of wagons will be uncoupled, and the train with equipment and ammunition will move on. The final station is Khoiniki,” the message says.

As UNIAN reported earlier, on March 20, the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine stated that there were signs of the preparation of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Belarus for a direct invasion of the territory of Ukraine . At the same time, the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine stated that there is a big threat of an offensive by the Republic of Belarus in the Volyn direction.


  1. I wonder what the nazis want with Volyn except to get to Poland via Ukraine? Maybe that’s why the tanks are not marked? Do they really think Ukraine would attack Poland?

  2. Dmitrij Peskov about Russias potential use of nuclear weapons: “Only if Russia faced an existential threat”.

    Yeah, existential threat…
    Because nukes is not an existential threat, of course not! 🤔

      • I think about something.
        There is a statement from a teacher who remember Putin as a kid.
        This teacher said that he was small and tiny, a little guy, and there fore a target for big bullies. But despite this he knew how to fight back and retaliate. To give a payback and defend him self.
        In short: they underestimated him.

        Now, he did the same mistake. Just like the bullies in his school he underestimate the smaller one.

  3. Maybe the Belarusians are bringing material to Ukraine to be captured. If the mafiosi are so inept, I can’t imaging Belarusians being any better at fighting.

    • I have heard support of Ukraine is 97% among the people but only 60% among the military. I would bet the farm that 60% will go WAY up once Luka’s troops get introduced to Ukraine’s meat grinder.

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