In the Sumy region, 300 invaders refused to fight and returned to the Russian Federation with equipment

Violetta Orlova 08:07, 03/22/22 UNIAN

The Russians continue to refuse to carry out the criminal orders of the command.

falseMore than 300 Russians refused to fight and returned to Russia / photo REUTERS

Near Akhtyrka, Sumy region, about 300 invaders refused to fight and left the area along with their equipment.

This is reported by the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

“In the Akhtyrsky district of the Sumy region, facts of disobedience of Russian military personnel were recorded. About 300 invaders refused to obey the order to conduct hostilities, and, on 70 pieces of equipment, left the area of ​​the operation,” the report says.

Earlier, intelligence reported that the number of invaders who refuse to further participate in the war is increasing. 

Realizing their future, the “liberators” are also turning to their relatives en masse with a request to help them return home. The commanders of the occupation units are trying to isolate the “refuseniks” from the rest of the personnel and keep them under guard. They are intimidated by criminal liability and repressions against relatives.


      • Mike says:
        Great you are alive! I currently have no internet, need to go to an internet café to check my mails. Have contact with Joe (Pisskopf) who is still in Mykolayiv. Bombs keep hitting his area, just a few hundred meters from his house. He, his wife, and his dog (Seppi) are fine (so far). Glad you got out! I lived in Scheveningen until 2010, can only recommend the towne. It’s one of the safest places in NL, even during the night. Take care B.!

  1. Too bad they can’t take more with them.
    At any rate, 300 fewer orcs and orc equipment that Ukrainians don’t have to kill and destroy.

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