Zelensky about rallies against the invaders in the Kherson region: a feat that inspires us all

Ivan Boyko 01:20, 03/21/22 UNIAN

The President stressed that this is Ukraine, which the people are proud of.

Zelensky called rallies against the invaders in the Kherson region a feat / screenshotZelensky called rallies against the invaders in the Kherson region a feat / screenshot

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky called the rallies against the invaders in the Kherson region a feat .

He stated this in a video message .

“The Kherson region fought again today. I am grateful to them. Again on the streets. And, as always, for all of us, for Ukraine. With national flags. And with our Ukrainian courage. Without weapons against the invaders. Against shots and military vehicles,” the President noted.

Zelensky called it “a feat that inspires us all. This is Ukraine, which we are proud of. These are Ukrainians, to whom I am immensely grateful. Like all our people,” he stressed.

War in Ukraine: the situation in the Kherson region 

As UNIAN reported earlier, on February 24, Russian troops launched an offensive against Kherson from the Crimean peninsula. Since March 3, the regional center has been under the control of the RF Armed Forces. 

After the capture of the city by the invaders, it became known about the preparation of a “referendum” on the creation of the so-called “KhNR” .

Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Ruslan Stefanchuk said that the organizers, accomplices and executors of the  pseudo-referendum  will face criminal liability.

According to the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky, collaborators who were seduced by the proposals of the occupiers are  signing a sentence for themselves .

In the captured Kherson and in the region, citizens of Ukraine courageously resist the occupiers. 


  1. These days, Ukraine has a lot to be proud of. It is showing other countries what courage, patriotism, steadfastness, and combativeness mean. They have given those terms new definitions.
    Слава Україні !!!

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