Russians surrender in whole units – Monastyrsky

Ivan Boyko 02:53, 03/21/22 UNIAN

Ukraine guarantees the safety of those who surrender.

Russians are surrendering whole units - Monastyrsky / screenshotRussians are surrendering whole units – Monastyrsky / screenshot

The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine records cases of surrender of Russian units along with equipment.

As Interior Minister Denis Monastyrsky noted during the telethon, Ukraine guarantees the safety of those who surrendered in such cases.

“We are already noticing cases of surrender, when Russian units voluntarily go to our military and announce that they want to surrender, that they are not participating in active hostilities, along with equipment, in particular tanks. They are already moving, surrender under security guarantees, realizing that no one is waiting for them there. They are really let in like cannon fodder by their commanders,” he said.

As UNIAN reported earlier, as of March 19, there were officially 562 Russian prisoners of war in Ukraine.

Earlier it became known that the National Information Bureau would deal with issues regarding prisoners of war in Ukraine  . The International Committee of the Red Cross has already been informed about the establishment of such a Bureau through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


  1. That is good news. Messages of Ukraine’s record of well treatment of POWs should somehow be brought to all Ruskie troops to encourage further surrendering. Once this becomes SOP; the war for mafia land is lost.

  2. I agree but I’m really concerned about the war in the South. Seems the scum bags are making too much progress.

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