Russian troops continue to try to bypass Mikolaev, although there is no progress – British intelligence

Ivan Boyko 03:42, 03/21/22 UNIAN

Also, Russian naval forces continue to block the Ukrainian coast.

Russian troops continue to try to get around Nikolaev, although there is no progress / photo REUTERS

The British Ministry of Defense said, citing intelligence data, that Russian troops are still trying to bypass Mikolaev, despite the lack of progress.

Russian forces in southern Ukraine are still trying to outflank Mikolaev, seeking to move west towards Odessa, the ministry said in a statement . Although their forces advancing from the Crimea have not made much progress over the past week.

“Russian naval forces continue to blockade the Ukrainian coast and carry out missile strikes against targets throughout Ukraine,” the ministry added.

They warned that “the blockade of the Ukrainian coast could aggravate the humanitarian situation in Ukraine and interfere with the supply of vital goods.” 


  1. How easy it would be for the US Navy to just plow through to Odessa and bring supplies to the country. While we have a naive, pathetic, frilly weak old coward squatting in the Yellow House shaking with fear over Ruskie aggression.

  2. What kind of damage would a drone to the current ship types? Few are armored. I’d detail a few drone to go after those ships and the Kerch strait bridge.

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