“You will not become a member of NATO”: Zelensky spoke about the response of the Alliance to Ukraine

Violetta Orlova 17:55, 03/20/22 UNIAN

The Ukrainian president noted that if Ukraine had been accepted into the Alliance earlier, the Russian Federation would not have attacked now.

Zelensky said that he personally asked Ukraine to give a clear answer on NATO membership \ president.gov.uaZelensky said that he personally asked Ukraine to give a clear answer on NATO membership \ president.gov.ua

If Ukraine had been accepted into NATO, Russia would not have invaded the country.

This was stated by President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky in an interview with CNN.

“If we were a NATO member, the war would not have started. I would like to receive security guarantees for my country, for my people. If NATO members are ready to see us in the Alliance, then accept us immediately, because people are dying every day,” he stressed. Zelensky.

“But if you are not ready to save the lives of our people, if you just want to see us between two worlds, in this dubious position, when we do not understand whether you can accept us or not – do not put us in this situation of uncertainty,” he said. to the Alliance President.

He noted that he personally asked the leadership of the Alliance to directly say that NATO will accept us in a year, two or five, or simply say “no” clearly. And the answer was very clear: “You will not become a member of NATO, but officially the doors will remain open.”


  1. Well, there’s the answer. NATO has brought even more shame upon themselves and proven once again they are just a pension club. NATO was constructed in the wake of WWII and now in the face of WWIII and Hitler 2.0 they are a worthless lot and a money pit. Who would join now? They would accept Finland in 20 minutes but not Ukraine. Time for Ukraine to form their own alliance. An alliance that doesn’t wear pink frilly dresses when the putins of the world bark.out loud.

  2. It is too late. The fat bitch Merkel ruined Ukraine’s chance in 2008. Now, Ukraine stands alone. Let us at least hope that deliveries of weapons and ammo and other aid will continue, and this in sufficient numbers to stave off mafia land’s army of ghouls.

  3. Whatever Zelensky’s other political decisions, I think he’s right to appear frustrated and angry on this one point. I would be too, were I in his situation. But even NATO membership hasn’t stopped Russian propagandists from suggesting an invasion of Poland, and even Finland.

    • Yeah, can you imagine how Finland feels knowing they could walk right in but Ukraine can’t join even after standing up the second largest military in the world? It proves NATO is not a military alignment but a bureaucratic political club. Zelensky also proved Ukraine and NATO are not “like-minded” because Ukraine wouldn’t stand around and watch a neighbor get blown to bits…membership or not. Rather guided by humanity than some club rules.

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