“I’m upset”: Peskov’s daughter complained about the sanctions against her

Violetta Orlova 09:02, 03/20/22 UNIAN

The daughter of Putin’s press secretary assures that she “has nothing to do with the situation.”

Peskov's daughter complained about the sanctions / photo instagram.com/lisa_peskovaPeskov’s daughter complained about the sanctions / photo instagram.com/lisa_peskova

The daughter of Putin’s press secretary Dmitry Peskov, Elizaveta Peskova, considers the sanctions imposed against her “unreasonable and unfair.”

She spoke about this in a comment to  Business Insider.

The girl noted that she was “not from a simple family,” but “made herself.” Peskova assured that she could not influence the situation, therefore she was surprised by the restrictions imposed against her and her brother.

“It seems to me that this is absolutely unfair and unreasonable. I was very surprised, because it is strange to impose sanctions on a person who is 24 years old and who has nothing to do with the situation,” said Peskov’s daughter.

Elizabeth said that the sanctions would not affect her financial situation, unlike other Russians. However, she is frustrated by travel restrictions.

“I’m upset because I love to travel and I love different cultures. I’m a citizen of the world and I can’t do anything about it,” she said.

Peskova refused to discuss the war that the Russian Federation unleashed in Ukraine.

Recall that on February 24, 2022, the  Russian Federation launched a war  against independent Ukraine and staged real terror in the country. The Russians are shelling peaceful Ukrainian cities with heavy weapons, killing the civilian population, including children and women.

After the start of the Russian invasion, civilized countries imposed sanctions against the Russian Federation. The restrictions concerned the circulation of currency in the country, debt obligations, sanctions against Russian banks, etc. The exchange rate of the ruble soared almost 4 times in just two weeks of the war. Analysts predict the Russian economy will default in April this year.

Global manufacturers and brands began to massively leave the Russian market of the Russian Federation. Although some international companies still  continue to work there  and pay taxes to the aggressor country, which it directs to kill Ukrainians.

Elizaveta Peskova herself reacted to the invasion of Instagram. She wrote “no war”, but then deleted the stories.


  1. Isn’t it utterly sickening that this filthy nazi scrote is able to hug his heartless, brainless daughter whilst Ukrainian children are being murdered?

    • Absolutely, and I hope justice finds him too, he went around barking before putin’s invasion that there were no plans…no plans to “escalate” the situation.

  2. Awwwwh. Everyone raise their hand, who gives a shit!!! Is that a millennial insensitivity, a naturally heartless bitch or just fuckin stupid?

    • Both, she’s complaining she can’t travel while the thousands of children suffer or die in Ukraine because of her Father’s propaganda. Need I say more?………….

  3. Of course, the mafiosi and their family and friends are ALL so innocent. They’ve reaped the benefits of thieving off of the land for years, and they most certainly support this criminal war, since they will further profit from it. I hope they will ALL go hungry soon.

    • “Go hungry”? My thought is a lot more severe then simply starving. Let them feel what many of our brothers and sisters feel, before they drop dead.

      • Naturaly, it would be poetic justice to send these cretins into the hell their army has created, to enjoy being bombed and shelled. But, this is more wishful thinking than them just starving.

  4. I find it a little insulting when she calls herself a “citizen of the world.” Yeah, so what? I’m a “citizen of the world” too, and I don’t feel any special love for her, not any more than I’d feel for the average woman walking by on the street! The only things I know about this woman are what I can read here, and if I take any interest to reading more about her online.

    I get that she’s trying to say that she has no direct influence over putin’s decisions, so maybe she genuinely doesn’t understand why she should be punished for someone else’s behavior. But that doesn’t let her off the hook, because the position of her in their “family,” means she can more loudly than the average Russian, shout against the evils of putin’s crimes!

    In the United States, there’s an insane trend currently, of people believing they need to speak out against “racism” that isn’t evident in any actions or words that the accused have done or said. As though an “injustice” gets validated by no one speaking against it. This woman here is in a protected position to speak out against a very real, and ongoing injustice, but all she wants to do is complain about how “unfair” her situation is.

    Pah!! I don’t want to hear about those complaints, you want sympathy and to really complain? Complain to putin’s face on live TV, about how much of an evil, murderous bastard he is, and only then, would I care about how you feel!

  5. Someone needs to explain to her she is being sanctioned so she doesn’t give her rat faced paedo father any money when he can’t get what he stole from the people.

    Just a suggestion you vacuous no mark, nobody gives a fuck if you can’t travel.

    Nobody ever gives a fuck when the wealthy complain about not being able to do this or that.

    In particular, nobody gives a fuck when wealthy ruzzians complain about anything.

    Go suck a Dick, that’s probably the only thing you do of value.

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