The General Staff does not rule out that open mobilization will be announced in Russia

Violetta Orlova 07:18, 03/19/22 UNIAN

Such a decision can be taken by the occupiers in connection with heavy losses.


The General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine does not rule out that open mobilization will begin in Russia to continue the war in Ukraine.

This is stated in the operational summary of the Russian invasion on the Facebook page of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine .

“Based on the fact that the enemy has suffered heavy losses in personnel, there is a possibility that the military-political leadership of the Russian Federation will decide to amend the existing legislation and openly mobilize to continue a protracted, exhausting war. In order to justify such actions, it is not excluded that a number of provocations on the territory of the Russian Federation with the death of the civilian population, as was done before the start of the second Chechen campaign, will allow the pro-government elite to decide on declaring martial law and total mobilization of citizens,” the report says.

The General Staff also notes that the provisions and nature of the actions of the defense forces have not undergone significant changes over the past 24 hours. The Armed Forces of Ukraine and other units of the Defense Forces continued to strike at the groupings of the enemy troops, who were trying to hold the captured lines.

“The anti-aircraft missile forces and fighter aircraft of Ukraine hit 12 enemy air targets – 2 aircraft, 3 helicopters, 3 UAVs and 4 cruise missiles. Also, during the day, Ukrainian defenders and defenders destroyed several columns of invaders’ equipment in the Nikolaev and Sumy regions, losses In addition, as a result of inflicting fire damage on the enemy, the commander of the 8th Combined Arms Army of the Southern Military District of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, Lieutenant General Andrey Mordvichev, was destroyed,” the report says.

It is also noted that dead and wounded servicemen of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation and the Russian Guard continue to be brought from the territory of Ukraine.

“So, in the city of Gomel, all medical institutions with surgical departments are involved in the reception and treatment of wounded invaders. Surgeons work around the clock, all planned operations of Belarusian citizens are either canceled or postponed indefinitely. A large percentage of deaths among seriously wounded Russian invaders is recorded. The enemy continues suffer significant losses. Has problems with the logistical support of the units. The low level of morale and psychological state of the personnel leads to an increase in the number of cases of desertion and refusals of the military personnel of the armed forces of the Russian Federation to participate in the war against Ukraine, “the report says.

As UNIAN wrote, covert mobilization is currently being carried out in Russia : mercenaries are being recruited into private military structures to participate in the war with Ukraine.


  1. Putler intends to win this war by genocide.
    That simply cannot be allowed to happen.
    If only the WH had someone of the moral fibre of Vitaly Kim!

  2. Mobilization is one thing. Getting them trained, equipped and to the front lines quite another. The mafiosi can barely feed and supply ammo to the cannon fodder as it now stands, much less additional ones. But, hey, come on in with the extra meat for the meat grinder.

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