EU may use frozen assets of Russians to restore Ukraine – Bloomberg

Violetta Orlova 05:47, 19.03.22 UNIAN

At the moment, the assets of the Russian oligarchs are only frozen.

The frozen assets of Russian oligarchs can be sent for reparations to Ukraine / photo REUTERSThe frozen assets of Russian oligarchs can be sent for reparations to Ukraine / photo REUTERS

European Union officials are discussing the possibility of using the assets of Russian oligarchs , who fell under sanctions, to finance the reconstruction of Ukraine after the war.

Bloomberg writes about this , citing sources familiar with the situation.

The idea is at a very early stage and no decision has been made yet. One possibility would be to use the assets to fund war reparations, the sources said.

The decision on what to do with these assets is up to the EU member states. At the moment the assets are only frozen.

Bloomberg recalls that after Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine, the EU imposed sanctions against dozens of Russian oligarchs, including some of the country’s richest billionaires. Their yachts, private jets and villas were arrested. Only Italy has frozen assets worth about 780 million euros.

Recall that on February 24, 2022, the Russian Federation launched a war against independent Ukraine and staged real terror in the country. The Russians are shelling peaceful Ukrainian cities with heavy weapons, killing the civilian population, including children and women.

After the start of the Russian invasion, civilized countries imposed sanctions against the Russian Federation. The restrictions concerned the circulation of currency in the country, debt obligations, sanctions against Russian banks, etc. The exchange rate of the ruble soared almost 4 times in just two weeks of the war. Analysts predict the Russian economy will default in April this year.

Global manufacturers and brands began to massively leave the Russian market of the Russian Federation. Although some international companies still continue to work there and pay taxes to the aggressor country, which it directs to kill Ukrainians.


  1. It’s going to require at the very least $1 trillion to a) drive the putinazis out, b) restore Ukraine and c) fortify it so that it can never be attacked in this terrible way again.
    Priority is a).

  2. There should not be any discussions about this. It should be automatic and complete:
    Seize ALL assets from individual mafiosi AND the state of mafia land and use the funds to restore Ukraine.

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