The Russians themselves hand over their units and officers to the Ukrainian intelligence – the media

March 14, 12:12 p.m. NV.UA

Soldiers of the Russian Armed Forces are leaking information to Ukrainian intelligence about the location of their occupation forces , one of the pilots of the airfield in Vasylkiv told .

It is reported that the recent attack on the Russian command post , which led troops in the Kiev direction, was caused by information received from Russia.

“The leaders of the Russian Federation have already understood that the war has been lost. And so we began to leak information about where the command posts are deployed, and about the most active generals who come to the position. We already have many examples of such showers, “the pilot stressed.

According to him, Russia has already lost the first phase of the war, as the occupation forces were led by so-called “parquet generals”.

Armed Forces destroys equipment and manpower of occupiers thanks to information from Russia (Photo: Collage NV)

“Now, as we see, people who really know how to fight have started to be sent to Ukraine. And they are already renting. To end the war, we need to kill the most trained enemy leadership. And we are already doing it. We were merged with the data of Kadyrov’s leaders on the basis of anonymity. All data were confirmed. And we worked out effectively, “the pilot added.

The same information was confirmed to journalists by a representative of the Ukrainian intelligence.

“These data are given to us by those who sympathize with Ukraine, who are trying to help us at least in this way. You yourself heard how captured Russian pilots told a press conference that they knew about cases when their parachutes did not open during the ejection from a downed plane. That’s why they break down instead of escaping. 

When studying the crash sites of enemy pilots, we have repeatedly said that they died because of this. We have two versions of why this happens. The first is an order to the specialists of the engineering and technical staff of the enemy’s army that the besieged should not be taken prisoner by us. 

And the second – maybe they do it on purpose, sympathizing with us. This is an internal sabotage, “he said.


  1. This is over-optimistic: there is still a shitload of putinazi savages outside Kyiv. Until they are obliterated the danger is very great.

    • At least there is a lot of machinery but whether there are a lot of putinazis we will have to see. I expect a lot went home and that’s why Putin is seeking help from Belarus and Syria.

    • And their navy is preparing for an attack in the southwest. I’m an optimist myself, but the pentagon expects a major attack in the coming days.

  2. In another article about Ruskie military ineptness, it says there are too many things going wrong to list them. This is what we’re seeing here. This war will end in a Ruskie defeat!

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