The occupant spoke about the refuseniks and the lack of armor: “Fuck, I need this war!” (video)

Violetta Orlova 16:59, 18.03.22 UNIAN

The occupier in a conversation talks about the losses of Russians in the war in Ukraine.

The Russians suffer losses in Ukraine / photo REUTERSThe Russians suffer losses in Ukraine / photo REUTERS

A Russian occupier fighting in Ukraine says in an intercepted telephone conversation that they tried to give him a body armor of a killed Russian soldier.

The audio interception was published on his YouTube channel by the adviser to the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Anton Gerashchenko.

“Today I went for armor. They told me:” Look in the box. “I open it, and there it is covered in blood, torn, shot. They wanted to give me armor from the 200s! Generally finished!” – shared the occupier.

He also admitted that among the Russian military there are refuseniks – soldiers who do not want to fight in Ukraine. 

“We have refuseniks. They will be sent to Russia. We’ll find out: if there is no criminal case, we can go into refusal! Fuck, I need this war! You won’t earn all the money,” the occupant says.

“Here the army was cleaned, maybe the queue for an apartment will move,” he adds.

In addition, the military claims that compared to the war in Ukraine, Syria is “generally a flower, a kindergarten.”

Earlier it became known that the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation  ordered to destroy the bodies of its soldiers who died in Ukraine. The corresponding document dated February 26, signed by the Deputy Minister of Defense of the Russian Federation Alexei Krivoruchko, was published by the Sever Operational Command.


  1. I assume that things are NOT going according to plan in mafia’s war against Ukraine.

    • Nope, and they’re emptying the military schools and sending cadets to the front line as meat puppets. These are the last days of Putin’s Rashist regime. God protect us from his last act of defiance before he’s left writhing in the corner all alone in the dark like Hitler was.

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