Do Russians want wars? Nearly 87% of Russians do not even mind Putin attacking Europe. They will start from Poland

According to the survey, 86.6% of russians allow and support a potential attack on the territory of the EU countries, including Poland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and others. This is reported by Polish Radio.

The results of the sociological survey are provided by the Active Group company. The survey was conducted on March 11 – 14 using the CATI method (сomputer-asisted telephone interviewing). A total of 1557 respondents were interviewed.

It is noted that public opinion in russia can be a certain marker of the Kremlin’s potential actions for the world community.

According to the results, 75.5% of russians approve of the idea of an armed invasion of the next country and believe that Poland should become it as a logical continuation of the “russian military special operation”. Moreover, according to the survey, almost 75% of the respondents to some extent allow the use of nuclear weapons by the government of their country.

It should be noted that 13.4% of the population of russia spoke of a negative attitude towards an armed invasion of other countries. 46% of the respondents are absolutely sure that the russian government should attack the EU, and 40.6% consider it acceptable to expand hostilities.

The three countries that, according to a sociological survey, will become the next victims of the russian attack are Poland (75.5% of respondents), the Baltic countries, including Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia (41%), as well as Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary (39.6%). The respondents could choose several countries during the survey.

A feature of this project was that the calls were made using the Viber messenger, and the interviewers did not say that they were calling from Ukraine.

As reported, more than 70% of russians are proud of the bloody massacre unleashed by putin in Ukraine.

Earlier, head of European diplomacy Josep Borrell admitted that putin could attack one of the NATO member countries.

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    • Its hard not to feel sorry for the misled Russians but when they wish death to their neighbors that is evil and evil must be destroyed. Patton was right about Russia. It must be thoroughly destroyed, down to the roots, and maybe something useful will grow in its place. Maybe.

  1. Putin is failing against an outnumbered foe in Ukraine, and they want to go after the rest of Europe? While I think the initial contact with the west may not come out like a lot of people think (the western militaries have been badly socially engineered), once the unit shake down, and the dead wood is actually dead, the Russians will draw less than a bloody stump back. I’m sure the Poles would love to get some of theirs back against the Russians.

  2. It looks like
    A: The ruskie sheep are thoroughly brainwashed
    B: NATO will sooner or later not be able to hide behind paragraphs anymore.

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