Ukrainian artillery destroyed five Russian Grads (video)

The destruction of the equipment of the invaders was caught on video.

Military equipment destroyed / ScreenshotMilitary equipment destroyed / Screenshot

Ukrainian artillery destroyed five enemy BM-21 Gradov and transport-loading vehicles.

This was reported by the Operational Command “North” on Facebook.

“Artillery of the military unit OK” Sever “destroyed five enemy BM-21” Grad “and transport-loading vehicles. Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine!” – the message says.

War in Ukraine 2022

Recall that the Russian Federation  launched an invasion of Ukraine on February 24, 2022 . It is known that the military of the Russian Federation entered our country from the territory of Belarus. In addition, today Putin’s military is launching missiles towards Ukraine from the territory of Belarus. Against Belarus, some countries have imposed sanctions for complicity in the invasion.

There are also regular reports that the Republic of Belarus may launch an invasion of Ukraine on the side of the Russian Federation. The network publishes photos and videos of the movement of Russian equipment on the territory of the Republic of Belarus.

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  1. Can Luka get his boys to fight? They’ve already been in country once, and had to withdraw because they wouldn’t fight.

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